Verocel seeks to enlighten our audience on the certification process, current hardware and software trends, and the latest guidance on each of the standards. Our white papers and case studies educate on each standard and provide some meaningful recommendations on how to achieve cost-effective and successful approval.

White Paper

Using Java in Safety-Critical Applications

Learn about the implications of using Java in safety-related applications. This paper documents an approach to use the aicas  JamaicaVM implementation of real-time Java to support ISO 26262 and DO-178 certification. It also explores how use of various Java features have implications on the deterministic behavior of real-time, safety-related software.

Research Paper

Reverse Engineering to meet DO-178 guidance

Learn about the important considerations that apply when using “reverse engineering” to produce certification evidence for previously developed software


Medical Device Compliance under IEC 62304

Learn about medical device software compliance under IEC 62304


Presentation on DO-178 Objective Compliance

Learn about the requirements for DO-178 certification and objective compliance


ISO 26262 Software Component approval

Learn about the ISO 26262 standards and how software components like RTI’s Connext DDS can be approved and reused in multiple projects

White Paper

ISO 26262 Compliance for Software Components

Learn about the ISO 26262 standard and how software components can be approved under ISO 26262