About us

Verocel, Inc. founded in 1999. Verocel-Polska sp. z o.o. and Verocel GmbH are subsidiaries of Verocel, Inc.


Verocel was founded in 1999 by George Romanski and James Chelini. While working at another corporation that was trying to develop and verify its own safety critical software, George and Jim realized that for many companies, development and verification need to be independent entities.

As a separate software verification service, Verocel can provide complete verification support, gap analysis, and support to augment existing materials, as well as independent testing services. A company that is focused primarily on the needs of verification can be lean, efficient, and world-class in its area of expertise. To be that lean, efficient, world-class company, Verocel is constantly improving its efficiency through automation, improving its quality through integration, and reducing its costs by combining integration with automation.

Verocel stays at the forefront of verification issues by chairing and belonging to a number of committees and standards bodies. By participating in these organizations, Verocel helps influence the constantly-evolving safety standards, is aware of proposed changes even before they are official, and thus can continually adapt to remain compliant with the various standards and requirements.

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